2 different stripe account for same booking link?

I’m wondering whether I can have 2 different bank accounts linked up to my booking system. I teach 3 classes a week and another teacher teaches 3 and to make it easier for our clients we have all 6 classes listed in the same booking link. We each use a different resource as I teach Yoga and he teaches Pilates.

I have my bank account linked to stripe which means I get paid for all class bookings and I then pay my other teacher their share. This isn’t ideal long term and I was hoping there was a way for me to link 1 bank account with the 3 classes I teach and another bank account for the 3 classes they teach so we each get paid directly.
Is this possible with Smoothbook?

Hi @Emma_L,

I am sorry but currently there can only be one Stripe account associated with a Smoothbook account.

I can definitely see a case for allowing each instructor to set their own Stripe account: I will put this on the list but unfortunately I’m unable to say when this will be available at this point.


I thought that would be the case, thanks for confirming James.