2 zoom meetings created for 1 class

This morning my online class participants could not get into the zoom class, the msg they got was

I was on zoom on the meeting details I had been emailed.

Unfortunately I teach the class live at the same time and as they all got in contact after the start time, I didn’t have the brain bandwidth to help - but now I see that there were 2 zoom meetings created by smoothbook for the same time and I’m guessing 9 people were sent the other zoom invite details and I was on a different zoom meeting id?

Hi @Clair_Y,

Very sorry that this happened, I will investigate straight away.


Thanks James, did you find anything? I want to make sure it wasn’t anything else so I know what to do if it happens again. If I had been on the ball I could have quickly created a new zoom meeting and invited them all to it. I was just back from holiday yesterday and not fully functioning yet it would seem :slight_smile:

Hi @Clair_Y,

I really hate to say it but I’m unable to reproduce this. I think if we monitor this for the moment, please let me know asap if this happens again. Thanks.