A little Zoom Help

This might be a very silly question… so sorry for my lack of know how :slight_smile: i have set up smoothbook with zoom, it say’s it will automatically set up the zoom meeting. So the question is… do i have to set up the meeting on the zoom side of the account or is that it? Thanks for your advice…

Hi @Reidin_O, there are no silly questions here!

No that’s it: as soon as someone books an appointment a meeting will be created in Zoom. Your students will be sent a Zoom joining link (or they can see the joining link in the booking calendar). As the instructor you can see the Zoom start meeting link from the dashboard (when you click on a class) or you can also start the meeting from Zoom itself / your client.

Good luck with everything!

James thank you so much for your fast response… But it is not working for me… I have it configured to zoom but for what ever reason i cannot see the zoom link on the dashboard and no link is being sent out to myself or customers for any of the classes… where am i going wrong!! Thank you and sorry for this…

One thing: could you make sure the service is enabled for zoom? Select ‘settings’ -> ‘resources and services’. You should be able to see if zoom is enabled from the list of services, is it’s not click ‘edit’ for the service and scroll down to the checkbox for zoom.

If it’s still not working please could you send a quick email to [email protected] so I can investigate. Thanks!