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HI James - a couple of my clients are having trouble logging onto the booking system via my website. 1 says she cant create a new password as she has forgotten the first one… and another is generally unable to access and telling me my website needs a refresh (which i dont think it does as other people are booking today).
Do you have any suggestions? Especially regarding password update. Many thanks Georgie

Hi Georgie,

A couple of things to check:

1.Please could you make sure they are going to the correct place to book - i.e. your booking calendar. Through no fault of their own we occasionally see students finding their way to the admin client (i.e. where you log in) and trying to log in there.

If you click ‘view your booking calendar’ top right, your booking calendar will launch in a new window and you can copy your calendar URL from the address bar. It will look something like: cal.smoothbook.co/123456abcdefg . You can send this address directly to make sure your students are logging in at the correct place.

2.New updates to the calendar are being released quite frequently at the moment. Generally you and your students should not need to do anything but sometimes it may help to refresh / reload the web page (click ctrl / cmd + r).

I’m not aware of any issues resetting passwords. If your students are still having issues please could you let me know what’s happening: any error messages they’re seeing, etc. and preferably their email address so I can see exactly what’s happening (please send email addresses / private info privately to [email protected]).