Adding a New Customer

I have a silly question. When I add a customer manually to the system, it doesn’t ask me to create a password for them. So when they want to log in, do they need to create a new account? will the system recognise that their email is already registered and create confusion because they don’t have a password?


Hi Montse,

That’s correct: you can create the account but the customer will need to reset their password the first time they log in. This is for security reasons. I keep thinking there must be a better way to do this, I will put some thought into this!

Some people need a lot of handholding! Seriously, it’s incredible.
I get the security thing. I was in a studio were we just created the whole log in for the customers and after they are set in and are familiar with the booking process, etc, they just change their password if they want.
So for starters I enrol them with a generic password, like ‘iloveyoga’ and then once they are into the system and familiar with it, they can change that password for something they’ll remember. As long as they know we’ve created their password and that they can change it in settings, I think it’s fine.

But it’s not a major thing to worry about, to be honest. I just want to make the process of getting into a class as easy as possible for people, and that sometimes means creating their own account and adding a free class, or a special package, etc.

Take care!

Hi James. May also be worthwhile to make the email field lower case only. I created an account for someone under eg [email protected] which they happily used for months, then for some reason they tried to log in with [email protected] and went on to create a whole new account!

Wow! that’s weird, usually, it’s always assumed it’s lower case, isn’t it? oh dear, the joys of predicted text

Hi guys,

@Helen_O logins are case insensitive but registration should definitely be as well! Thanks for letting me know, I will look into that straight away.