Adding disclaimers and/or Ts&Cs acceptance checks

I have been using Smoothbook for a few months now but realise that I haven’t set up terms and conditions for people who booked in this method. I could ask them to register a heath questionnaire on a different website but then there’s no integration to confirm they did that before using smoothbook. I was thinking of setting up a registration form but I’ve realised it would only apply to anyone new. There doesn’t seem to be a way of forcing existing customers to re-do the registration procedure.
What do other people do regarding membership registration, acceptance of terms and conditions (e.g. cancellation/refund policy), PAR-Q, etc?

Hi @Graciela_M,

If you select ‘settings’ -> ‘calendar settings’ from the main menu, there is an option under ‘general settings’: ‘users must always complete the registration form’. Just select this and all of your users will be prompted to make sure the (pre-filled) form is complete before they book.


Hi @james
thanks for your answer, yes I saw that but I think it would only be the “nuclear option” if there’s no other way. I have a mix of clients who book regularly and those who book occasionally, so I’d have to leave this option checked until the most infrequent client is persuaded to book something, by which time the regular ones will be getting quite annoyed by it.
I think for now I’ll probably continue with a separate system like jotform to handle registrations and PAR-Q etc. and just insist that everyone updates their registration every so many months.

I’ve not used the custom fields on smoothbook but it looks like they only allow additional “data collection” fields to be added, e.g. phone number, address etc.
Is it possible to set them up to add something like “please tick to confirm you have read and accept the following terms” with a mandatory checkbox?

Hi @Graciela_M,

The registration form is pre-filled: your students only have to make sure everything is correct and, if it is, just click through to the next part of the system.

If you enable the terms and conditions for your organisation your students will have to click to accept them every time they book.

Hope that makes sense,


HI James,

I created an online medical/disclaimer form a while ago however I noticed that if I book a customers class that the name and email comes up but the details have to be re-input even though they have already completed details on another occasion.
Also customers are finding that they also have to complete details again and as a result the original information is being wiped clean and I am left with then writing NA or 0 on the boxes to be completed.
Is there a way of saving the original information so that I can access it and students only complete the form once and then just go straight to the booking page after their first registration.
Also using my old system of getting students to complete the booking form via my website they automatically got added to my data base unless they opted out is there a way of connecting the email addresses to the data base on my website this would stop duplicate newsletters going out. At the moment I have students on the Smoothbook site which overlap on my database. - hope that makes sense.

Thanks, Michele