Adding more spaces to a workshop

How do I add more spaces to a workshop which has already been created and scheduled please?

I’ve worked this out now. No need to reply. I can’t see any way to delete the original post.

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Hi @Jess_G @james I also tried this today and had to delete the post but it seems the problem is that you can chose “edit” but its no way to save what you have changed, is this a bug?

Hi @Carina_J,

I think the user experience is not 100% on this page, it should save automatically? If you select ‘edit’ for your workshop and update the openings, you should not need to do anything else:

Hope that helps!

Hi @james, I tried that, it does not save automatically, it goes back as it was?

I am sorry @Carina_J . I hate to say it but I had a look at your system and it all works ok for me.

As I say the user experience is not 100% but it should work. When you change the ‘openings’ number it may take a few seconds but then you’ll see a message at the bottom of the page: ‘workshop updated’. Do you see that message? Are there any error messages?


Hi, I will try next time, better not touch it for now :slight_smile:

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It should work!

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