Admin booking multiple classes for a client

Hi James, I’ve mentioned this a few times before - but it may have been lost in the number of updates you are working on. When a client books themselves for classes they can book multiple dates all at once very easily.

However, when admin tries to book multiple dates for a client, there is a very labourious process of having to click on each date individually, choose which client is booking, and then choose what payment type, and repeat the whole process for each new date. It takes about ages to book 12 classes for one client.

Is it possible to speed this up? Can you give admin the same interface as the client so we can easily book multiple dates for a client? I have quite a few very elderly clients who just can’t get their head around the booking system so we have to do it for them and it takes so much time.

Ideally I would see a list of multiple dates/classes available, click on the ones I want to book a client into, choose the client and payment option once and bingo all done!

thank you


I’d like to second Kathy’s request. For the same reason I am having to manually book clients in and it takes time and is also easy to make mistakes when each class has to be selected individually.

Great suggestion Kathy, I will be following for the response. Thanks Clair

Following here as I’ve also mentioned it in the past - for classes and even for blocking a spot in multiple sessions in the future!

@james in case you’re not seeing this thread

Thanks @Cristina_F for the prompt.

I have to be honest guys that this will require quite a lot of development work and there are some things which are proving very time consuming on the development side at the moment.

But I can really see how this is an issue / would be super useful for you guys, this will definitely be on the list.

Thanks, James

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