Appointments not showing up in the calendar

I’ve started to notice recently instances where a booking doesn’t show up in ‘manage appointments’ on the dashboard, but when I look on the client’s record it’s there. it happens whether they book their appointment or I do. Not every time, there doesn’t appear to be a pattern as far as I can see.

Update: the client who booked for herself has now appeared on the dashboard calendar. Maybe because she booked on the day? But the client I booked in for daily sessions only appears in some of them on the dashboard calendar, but they are there on her record.

Hi @Shirley_B,

Thanks for letting me know about this. Appointments have different statuses: when they are reserved but the customer has not completed the booking they have a ‘tentative’ (not confirmed) status. I think, back in the day, the argument was to show tentative appointments in parts of the admin interface to prevent over-booking. So I’m pretty sure that’s what you’re seeing: tentative appointments which will be confirmed if the customer completes the booking and will disappear if the customer doesn’t. I agree this is a bit confusing, I will review this.

Many thanks, James