Block reservations or bookings

Hi, it would be an extremely useful feature if we as admins could book clients for a few dates at a time.
And also, if we could block out a spot for someone until a certain date (so again, reserving a spot but for a few dates at a time).

Hi @Cristina_F,

Thanks for your feedback. This has been mentioned before, I will bump this up the priority list!


Yes please James - this is my request too. My demographic of older folk who aren’t tech savvy means I have to do a huge amount of manual booking. It’s very time consuming for me to book each date of each class of a 10 class pass individually !

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This is why I switched to using workshops to define a fixed set of classes instead of a continuous weekly schedule. Then you can set the option to auto-book the rest of the series when you select the first one. It’s probably not a solution if you’re talking about a rolling schedule, but my classes are linked to the school terms, so I allow bookings per term.
However, I’ve already reported a few bugs I found from using workshops.
Sorry @james I used the built-in bug reporting instead of posting them here. Maybe I should have put it here to make others aware of known issues and workarounds

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Thanks, I did consider that but my classes work best as rolling blocks

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