Bonus classes with a package

I created a packages for my classes and some single payments. How can I add one of the single payments as a free bonus to a package?

Hi @Malgorzata_B,

Hopefully I’m not misunderstanding but if you’d like to offer a free or taster class you could do that by creating a package with one appointment that can only be purchased once.

Hopefully that answers your question!

Hi James, I should be more specific, sorry.
I have a single class X that people can buy. But if someone already has one of the packages and is paying for class Y I want to give him class X as a bonus so they don’t have to pay for class X extra.
So you pay for class X only if you don’t have any package.

I haven’t received any answer but I already checked and doesn’t work.
I managed to create a package with extra class as a bonus but when I logged. in to book this extra class the system asked me for payment.
Any suggestions?

Hi @Malgorzata_B

Sorry! Usually the unread posts are highlighted for me on this system, somehow I missed this one.

I think I’m possibly misunderstanding but if, when you create the package, you assign both class X and Y to the package then the customer can use their credits to pay for both.

When they arrive at the payment options page for class X they will have the option of:

  • Buying the package and paying for their appointments with the credit
  • Paying with their package credit if they already have the package
  • Paying for appointments individually

They can actually combine any of these as well: for instance if they don’t have enough credits to pay for all their classes they can pay for the remaining ones by buying single appointments.

Hope that makes sense!