Booking Calendar not showing services

Neither me nor my customers can see my booking calendar. It is saying

‘There is no availability for this search. Please try another search’

Please help


Hi Will,

Sorry that you’re having this issue.

I had a look at your account and the issue is that you’ve disabled all your services except your ‘zoom’ service. No problem with that except you have not created a schedule for the zoom service. It’s very easy to do: select ‘scheduling’ -> ‘weekly scheduling’ from the main menu and select your zoom service, then just follow the instructions to create the schedule. Once that’s done your schedule should show correctly on the booking calendar.

Hope that helps, let me know if you’re still having difficulty.


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Hi James
I have just noticed that the embedded calendar on our website is not showing the correct information. I thought that this could be because I had, in the past, generated an HTML code for only on line classes. Since then I have removed all live classes from the system. I deleted all previous HTML s and produced a new one with the current programme but it is still not showing correctly.

When I schedule a class it is showing on the dashboard but when I press 'view my calendar ’ it is not showing. I can’t think of anything I am not doing (but it’s possible there may be) Is this a problem that anyone else has had. I have been messing with it all morning and getting nowhere.
Thanks James

Hi @Andrea_L,

Thanks for your message, just FYI I am looking into your other issues with memberships.

Could you let me know the url of the webpage where you’re seeing this issue and then I can investigate? Obviously if you’d prefer you can email me at [email protected] and I’ll take it from there.

Thanks, James

It was also happening when I went to view my calendar on the smoothbook before i got to putting the HTML on my website. I will double check these things. I don’t want to put you to a lot of trouble if it’s righted itself which it seems to have but I need to add something and see what happens. Unfortunately I am not able to do it until tomorrow.

Can you tell me if there is any problem with altering the data on the booking calendar. i.e. adding extra classes to a persons account when they have bought, for instance, a block of 3 could I manually up it to 5 for just that one person. Also altering the end date manually for one person?