Booking Calendar Paging Forwards and Backwards

I’ve just observed a peculiarity of the way the booking calendar is displayed on my PC.
I have set the parameter to allow customers to book up to 14 days ahead. Today is June 17 but beyond the available times for today, so customers may book from June 18 to June 30. When they first bring up the calendar, the 4 dates shown are 18th to 21st. Clicking “show next days” brings up 22 to 25, then 26 to 29. But the next click of “show next days” does not work - the display stays on 26-29, with June 26th showing in the “date” field. Altering the “date” field to 27th successfully brings up 27-30, as expected. But if I set “date” field to 30th, this displays the 30th as expected but now the “show previous days” button doesn’t work! Setting “date” to something earlier gets it to work again!

Hi @Philip_H,

Thanks very much for letting me know, I will mark this for investigation.


I don’t know if this is related, but I am finding that when one reaches the last page of appointments/classes, the previous button and arrow do not work. This happens on both PC and iOS. You can only get back to earlier dates by clearing the date filter or choosing an earlier day in the calendar.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Hi Ian,

It sounds like these issues are related, I’ll look into this.


This seems like an old post but by coincidence it appeared today on a list of suggested topics and it’s exactly what I just noticed earlier today. When you click “show next days” until the last bookable date, the “show previous days” button stops working