Booking future appointments

Hi James,
A student just wrote that she can’t seem to book all 12 classes as future appointments when she wanted to buy a 12 class pack. She didn’t realise that she didn’t have to use all her credits at once so she’s good now… will book a few classes and keep the credits for future bookings. However what setting would prevent her from being unable to book all 12 and only 10? I looked and it’s definitely a 12 class pack. The booking future appointments has ‘up to 19 dates ahead’ - would that be the problem? Is is possible to change that ?


Hi @Kathy_W,

There’s currently no restriction on the number of appointments that a student can book - as long as they pay for them. I think this is a user experience issue: the best thing to do would be some sort of notification / email to the student when they buy a package about how they can use it.

I will put some thought into this!