Booking options

Hi James
I feel I am being a little stupid here but I need to clarify something.

Many moons ago when I first joined Smoothbook it was because it offered a facility for offering blocks of classes (with a cut off date) and individual one off workshops I had switched over from an expensive all singing and dancing system that had doubled in price and had things I never used. Before that we did things manually. The thing that we have always done pre covid is offer a range of options including buying individual classes to buying blocks of classes which could be used on any class but had an end date. I know this was working because I had to deal with people who believed they had credit when in fact they had timed out. This is the system we have always used successfully until the covid virus when we went on line.
Is it still possible to sell a block of (say) 10 classes to be used within (say) 10 weeks with the block not allowing people to book beyond that time frame? As I am understanding it that option is no longer available and blocks do not have a cut off date except the time they can actually be physically booked (arranged/reserved). Am I misunderstanding.
I have changed the way we are taking payment so many times to try to get around this even encouraging membership but finding that although payment is taken monthly, if the payment is stopped there is no cut off for the booking into the future months.

I just need to clarify as I am having to rearrange our schedule as things are changing and would like to be able to revert back to the blocks.



Hi @Andrea_L,

No you’re correct: this is the way that the packages work - your students will lose any credits in a package when it expires (so can no longer use it) but, while the package is valid, they can book any timeslot that is bookable on the booking calendar. To be fair packages have always worked this way.

This issue is coming up quite frequently now: particularly with regards to memberships! There will definitely be a solution for this in the future but it’s quite a tricky problem: I can’t, at this stage, give an ETA for when this will be released - sorry!

Hi @Andrea_L @james This is also a issue for us and brings a lot of confusion for our clients. What I have done now is that I haven’t “release” classes for booking to far ahead. Its also a problem when people cancelling a class they have booked and the time is after the expiring day of their class pass and then they cant rebook the class, i keep on having to set a new expiring day manually for them so they can book a new appointment.

I am sorry about this guys: I know this is not ideal.

It’s quite a tricky problem to fix but this is a priority in the development queue.