Calendar not displayig fully on my page

hi James,

My calendar isn’t displaying fully anymore on my page. I can only see the top part and you can’t scroll down to see the full calendar and book.
I haven’t been able to resolve it and for now I have the “book now” button that appears, however i was using the calendar as a timetable.
Can you help please?


Hi Virginie,

Sorry that you’re having this difficulty. I had a look at this and it seems to be specific to your site: I can’t reproduce this on other websites. I think this is related to the other functions running on the page: appsumo, etc. But I’m going to investigate this and see if there’s a way of fixing this. In the meantime it may be better to just use the code for the booking button so that your customers can book.


Hi James!
Thanks for the reply but good news, I fixed it!
I had issues with the plugin before so I was using the script, but now managed to get it working with the plugin :blush:

Good to hear Virginie!