Can I have a Workshops priced as two credits?

Hi, is it possible for me to price a workshop for more then one credit? for example can it cost 2 credits?
Or is the only option here to have them to pay for one single appointment?

Hi @Carina_J,

Hopefully I’m not misunderstanding but you can create a separate price for the whole workshop if that helps? If you select ‘settings’ from the main menu and then click on the ‘charging’ icon then you’ll see the option for creating charges for your workshops. Does that help?

Hi @james, yes I have seen that option, this is more if I have a workshop that is, say 3 h, and I would like to have one price in “dollar” and one price in credits, say 2 credits, so people can pay with their packages, is it a way to do that?

Hi Carina,

Ah ok I understand! If you apply a package to the service that you’re using for the workshop then your students will be able to use their package credit to pay for the workshop.

But - and now I understand your original question - your students will be charged one credit for each appointment in the workshop. So if the workshop has four dates then they will use four credits. Sorry but it’s not possible to change that.

If you wanted different pricing using packages you could create a new package specifically for the workshop?

This is an interesting problem, I will have a think about this!

Hi James, using the “normal” credits would give me the opportunity to give regular clients some bonus. And I was thinking its a way to promote packages. It would be great if you find a solution for that :slight_smile:


It’s really an interesting idea!

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Hi @james and @Carina_J
this reminds me of a suggestion I almost made when I was posting the request to have a “cash credit” system, but I didn’t because I thought it might just add too much complexity. I’ll say it now just in case it’s of interest/relevance.
How about, as an alternative to “cash credit”, you have the option to buy ‘tokens’ at some set price (a kind of smoothbook currency!) Then each class or workshop could be priced as a number of tokens, e.g. a Zoom class is 2 tokens and an in-person class is 3 tokens. It might still be just as easy to have a cash credit system but I thought with tokens it might still allow options to have promotional pricing and possible options to set an expiry date etc. The main thing would be that when cancelling a class booked with tokens, the tokens are refunded to the central pot, so in the example above someone could cancel 2 physical classes and then use the 6 tokens that were refunded to book 3 Zoom classes. This is currently much more cumbersome with packages specific to services that have incompatible prices. I would have to manually deduct 2 credits from the in-person classes package and add 3 credits to their Zoom class package, but it’s only possible in very specific examples like this when I can match the value of the classes of the type being cancelled to a certain number of classes of the type they want to switch to, otherwise they either owe me or I owe them.
What do you think, is it too much complexity? Maybe it’s just a matter of redefining a ‘credit’ as something that may need to be used in multiples to pay for some services as @Carina_J said. Then the ‘token’ concept could be realised by offering packages of multiple credits that can be applied to any service, but for each service you can specify the number of credits required per appointment. The downside is that it would need some re-training of clients to understand that ‘credits’ are now smaller valued things that you need to buy more of to pay for each class. One would also have to think carefully to choose the size of a credit that could become the lowest common denominator for all services.

Hi @Graciela_M,

These are super interesting ideas! If class credits / tokens are a medium of exchange it would open up a lot of opportunities for you guys: off the top of my head you could maybe sell merchandise for tokens and, at the very least, it would make things super easy for people to send these as gifts, etc.

I have to be honest: my mind is boggling a little at where to even start on implementing this but I’m really keen for Smoothbook to be more than just a booking system for you guys and this is certainly an interesting line of thought to pursue / talk about - thanks!