Cancellations and payments

If I cancel a class (i.e. take an individual occurrence of the class off the schedule), what happens with payments by people who have already booked? Do they get a class credited or are they refunded? And if they’re refunded, does this entail two transactions (and sets of fees) with Stripe – or does Stripe not take the payment until after the class has taken place?

Hi @Jess_G,

At the moment Smoothbook will refund credits (i.e. for packages / class passes) but not Stripe payments if that makes sense?

So if the customer has paid for one appointment via Stripe and cancels then - sorry - that payment will not be refunded automatically (but you can manage the refund quite easily through Stripe).

If the customer has purchased a package and then uses the package credit to pay for an appointment which they cancel, then they will be refunded and a credit will be added back to their package.

Hope that makes sense!

So my understanding is that if I cancel a class, SB will automatically credit a class to the account of any student who has booked a package – even if that’s a single class package. If they have booked a single appointment, SB will not automatically credit the student, but I could automatically credit them myself (rather than refunding). Correct?

And Stripe won’t refund anything unless I create the refund myself.

Hi @Jess_G,

Yes that’s it: if Smoothbook can handle the refund itself (i.e. a credit to a package) then it will do that. If the payment for the class was made as a one off through Stripe then you will need to manually make the refund through Stripe.


Hi James, can I just check if the same is true if the student cancels their class? I.e. they are within their 24hr period of being able to cancel (which I set under the settings tab) but if they paid via Stripe it won’t refund them? Just seems a bit unfair that they’ve cancelled within the allowable period and then lose their money :thinking: …Thanks, Jo

Hi Jo,

It’s not ideal - I’m going to fix that. But you can refund the money easily through your Stripe account. Just log into Stripe and search the customer’s email, the transaction should come up and then I think it’s one click to refund it.

Hope that helps!

ok thanks James - I assume I just have to make sure that I’ve marked to receive an email notification on cancellation of a class and then I can go from there. Still not sure what the point of allowing cancellations up to x hrs before a class is but guess if they try to cancel after that deadline the system simply won’t process it?..Thanks again!

Hi Jo,

That’s correct: in the booking calendar there won’t be the option to delete if the time is too close to the appointment.