Can't tick integrate with zoom

Hi James and good morning
I hope it’s not me doing something wrong. :sweat: I have just updated our programme with a few new classes and when I try to tick the integrate with zoom it remains a cross. :persevere:Has anyone else experienced this? The arrow is not changing to a pointing finger when I hover over it, but it is with all the other options like edit for instance. :pensive:
Just checked and I can’t disintegrated (if that’s a word)those that have been ticked either

Hi @Andrea_L,

Could you make sure your account is connected to zoom? Select settings - APIs and make sure it says you’re connected. I’ll try to have a look at this tomorrow!


No need James :grinning: it seems to be okay now, must have been overworking it (or myself) :upside_down_face: lol

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