Cash credit option?

Hi @james
I was wondering if it would be possible to allow for a cash credit option instead of just class credits. I now give a mix of Zoom and “real life” classes and some clients would like to do both, but they have different prices. At the moment I’m providing separately priced packages for each service, but it means if they miss a physical class and want to catch up on Zoom they can’t transfer part or whole credit between services with incompatible pricing, they have to buy a separate Zoom package. Also for “onboarding” clients who had previously paid me directly by standing order it would be useful to be able to add a “cash equivalent” credit to their account in lieu of money they had previously paid directly to me for classes. But maybe there are some FSA rules against this?

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Hi @Graciela_M,

This is an interesting problem, I will have a think about this one! I guess you could do something complex like figuring out what percentage a credit in one package is worth in another package based on price but I think this would become confusing and prone to mistakes quickly.

Re: your onboarding clients, you can manually award packages and credits on the customer page: select ‘customers’ from the main menu and search the customer. For the moment, manually transferring credit from one package to another is the best way of managing clients with two differently priced packages. As I say, I will look into better ways of doing this!


Hi @james
thanks for looking into this. Yes I’ve been using the manual credit option but obviously this is limited to the value of the package, so sometimes I have to ask the client to transfer a “top-up” amount into my account to bring their total cash credit to something matching the value of a package. I also have to ask them how they want to spend their credit in terms of which packages are available. If they simply had cash credit they could choose for themselves and (presumably) top-up any shortfall with Stripe.
I see you’re very busy but hopefully you might be able to do something on this when also looking at other Stripe payment options (@Armando_E’s question)
thanks again

Hi @Graciela_M,

This is certainly an interesting idea - I will put some thought into this!

Thanks, James

Hi James,

I have the same problem as @Graciela_M except I would like to keep to single appointments which can be booked for upto 4 weeks and not offer packages for both Zoom and face to face classes. I have students that have swapped their original face to face appointment to zoom classes so I want to add a credit for an odd amount rather than refund.
When I was only using Zoom I created the package option for those that paid via the bank so that it came up as £0 payment, but I found some people were using this to book and not paying through the bank.
Going forward I would like to just get people to pay through Stripe for individual classes. However when I tried to give a credit for cancelled classes I had to revert to the original package. When my student then tried to use the credit it still asked her to pay…I imagine this is because the package is not linked to the current face to face classes? I don’t really want to link the package again as I found it caused confusion for me and them…I can see how this works for studios though.
I think it would be easier to add an option of a cash credit rather than a class credit…I realize this may take some time but would be really useful.
I look forward to any new developments :slight_smile:

Thanks @Michele_B, this is an interesting idea. I will definitely add this to the list.


Hi James,

I think I must be doing something wrong as I am having a right headache with in person bookings at the moment and people not paying, turning up thinking they have booked when all they have done is register. I have had to turn away 3 people this week and several people have contacted me saying they have not been asked for payment and worried they are not booked in.

I think the problem is that I created a package so that I could add a credit for those that cancelled a class or paid through the bank rather than strip, I couldn’t see a way to just add a credit to the customers individually so added it to the classes as a payment option. The problem is people of selecting this turning up for a class without paying . What am I doing wrong??

I have had a customer this morning that said she want to pay for 4 classes upfront as she finds it tedious having to enter 4 individual payments…I didn’t realize that is what was happening. Should I be adding a package for 4 classes with the total cost and then use that package option for those that need a credit? …I feel sure there is a simple solution to save me time and confusion…any help here would be gratefully received.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Michele_B,

First of all, I appreciate you writing this up as this is great feedback for me.

There seem to be a few issues here which I’ll try to break down.

1. People are registering on the system, selecting a class, assuming the class has been booked without finishing the booking process and then showing up for what is effectively an un-booked class.

So the issue here is the user experience of the booking calendar (people understanding what they need to do) which is really one of the hardest aspects of the project from my point of view. There is development in the works that will improve this but - I’m really sorry - there is little I can do about this on my side at this point in time.

What I’d recommend is working with your customers: emphasising that they have to reach the confirmation page for their bookings to be confirmed and that they will receive a confirmation email. Also, your customers can check on their bookings at any time by selecting the 'welcome [customer name] button top right in the booking calendar and clicking on ‘my appointments’.

2. You need the ability to award customers free appointments without creating a package (which is seen on the front end and confuses people). I agree this is an important thing to be able to do. There is really a lot of development work on at the moment so I can’t make any promises as to when this will be available but I will bump this up the list.


Sorry, once again I think this is a user experience issue. It should certainly not be necessary for your student to make four separate payments for their four classes. On the payment options page, where there is the option to pay for single appointments, your customer just needs to select the single appointment option four times; then they can pay for all their appointments at the same time. I will look into ways of making this clearer to people.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.
I have added a package for 4 Zoom classes and one for 4 In Person classes each have a value of 4 classes. So students can pay via Stripe however if they pay via bank transfer instead I assume I can add the package for them?

If I they cancel would a credit automatically be added to their account or do I need to do it for them? and is it possible I could use the same package to add a credit when required and just adjust the amount manually for them to use the credit when they next book?

Hope that makes sense.

When I asked the students that turned up to the class but had not booked why they thought they had booked, they said that they clicked on the date they wanted to book and completed the form so they assumed they had booked the class - I did question did they pay, they said it didn’t ask them for payment. I did explain they would have got a confirmation of booking if they had a place. They were not regular customers and unfortunately they have not booked since.
Maybe at the end of the form completion a strap line ‘Now which class would you like to book’ or similar could be added to make it clear that by registering alone they have not booked.

Many Thanks


Yes that’s correct.

Yes to both of these questions.

Regarding students not completing the booking: it’s imperative to me that your customers have good user experience with the booking calendar but it’s really one the trickiest parts of the project. Keep in mind that almost everyone is booking on their phone! New customers seem to pick it up quite quickly but yes, I agree that making it clearer there are still steps to complete would be a very good idea.

Thanks, James