Client being asked for postcode

Hi There

I’ve just received the following message from one of my clients who’s trying to book future classes…

Hope your week is going well! Just messaging about a problem I’ve encountered with the booking system for online yoga classes. I was just trying to book some Saturday classes but when it came to submitting payment it said “your postal code is incomplete” but I can’t see anywhere to input a post code?

Please can you advise - this is a new issue, not happened before.

Warm wishes

I’ve had this before. If they’re doing in on their phone, in portrait mode, they can see where to input the card number and the security code, but not the field for the postcode! Just ask them to flip it to landscape.

Hi guys,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’ll have a look at this. This part of the system is handled by Stripe - Smoothbook does not have access to anyone’s payment details - but it’s possible there’s may be a styling issue that is preventing people from entering their postcode.