Client booked twice while it shouldn’t be possible

Hi @james- I have a client who booked a class twice, while it set as “can be booked 1 times by a single person”. So this shouldn’t be possible. Could you look into this please? Thanks! Virginie

Hi @Virginie_F,

Nice to hear from you, I’m sorry for the delay in replying to this.

Well this is strange: I had a quick look at your setup and everything looks correct. Could you possibly send the email address of the student to [email protected] and I’ll investigate what happened? Also please let me know asap if this happens again.

Thanks, James

Hi James,

I hope you’re doing well. The email is: []

I am sorry @Virginie_F - I can see this student but their appointment history looks ok to me. I’m guessing this is because you deleted the duplicate appointment? I really hate to be a pain but could you send the date / time of the appointment to [email protected] ? There’s a fair amount of background information + history for each appointment so with that I can investigate further.

Thanks, James