Client can book a class without paying

Hi James, I had a client come to my class this morning and told me she was able to book the class without any payment being taken - she buys casual classes - so was grateful for her honesty, but worried about how many more people are getting free classes.

It happened again with another Casual paying client - this is a worry, as not everyone is going to let me know if they are not being charged and I don’t have time to check everybody’s bookings :frowning:

I’ve had the same issue and has happened at least twice. I’m not sure how it’s possible to get to complete the booking if no payment has been taken.
One honest client pointed it out, saying she wasn’t given the option to pay. I ended up going back and checking a few previous weeks of bookings. Thankfully it doesn’t look like a regular thing but frustrating if you are having to check and losing out on payments.

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Hi guys,

Very sorry for the delay in replying to this: usually I get notifications of new topics which has stopped happening for some reason.

It should not be possible to book without paying: this is a serious issue!

First of all you can easily see who has paid and how for any class or appointment. You can see this by selecting the class in the dashboard and clicking the ‘payment info’ checkbox. You can also see the payment information for any group of appointments by selecting ‘appointments’ -> ‘view / export appointments’ from the main menu. You can filter the appointments as you like and then, again, select the ‘payment info’ checkbox. You should easily be able to tell who has paid for which appointments and who hasn’t.

If there are any discrepancies please let me know: it’s important for me to know the date / time / service of the appointment as well as the customer so that I can find out exactly what has happened.

Many thanks, James

Hi James, it just happened again my client Helen S was just able to book into my Step/CXWorx Class tomorrow morning 24/12/20 at 9.15am without having to pay - she sent me a message to tell me. This really is a worry :frowning: so this now makes 3 times that I know of.

Hi James, I think I may have sorted it out - my office manager is away but I phoned her - sorry for all of the messages. It just panicked me a bit :wink: sorry. HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS :slight_smile:

No worries @Angela_S, I’m glad that everything’s working. Have a great Christmas, too!

Has this happened to either of you again @Angela_S @Alastair_D1?

This has happened to me 4/5 times now the last few months where people have been able to book without being asked for their card details, luckily it’s been with my regulars. Just wondering whether other people have been having the same problem or if it’s just my system