Client confusion over wording 'appointments have been paid for' before actual payment page

Hi James, I’ve had a few clients think they’ve booked onto classes as the wording on the payment option screen says ‘All your appointments have been paid for. Please press ‘continue’ at the bottom of the page.’
They obviously haven’t then pressed continue which would take them to the stripe page for them to input their details but I can see why this wording has confused them.
Any way this can be changed to say something like ‘Please press continue to pay for your selected appointments’ instead?
Many thanks


I would 2nd this request

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Hey guys,

Sorry for the late reply @Emma_L , for some reason I get notifications of new topics some times but not others.

You should be able to change the wording of anything on the booking calendar in the ‘translations’ section. Select ‘settings’ -> ‘translations’ from the main menu. Just enter the sentence you’d like to change and its new wording. Any difficulties let me know and I’ll look into this further.

Thanks, James

Hi @james I think this could be what confuses my clients as well. The problem is if I translate that meaning and you use the same word sequence somewhere else in the program the confusion could be even worse. It happens quite often that my clients think they have payd but havent and then think they dont know how to book, I think/know we even have lost customers because of problem booking. If its something easy like @Emma_L says that would be great.
Thank you James for all work you putting in to this.

Hi all,
I’ve used this translation for the whole line:

All your appointments have been paid for. Please click ‘continue’ at the bottom of the page.
Payment method selected for all appointments. You may click ‘continue’ at the bottom of the page.

I think the entire statement only appears once, so it shouldn’t substitute somewhere unintended


I have also had customers confused over this. They think they are booked in and don’t realise they actually aren’t. The change of wording suggested would be helpful. I’ve tried to follow the instructions given by James to change this but I don’t know how to check if it has been changed. I am confused as to why we all have to change this wording ourselves when this would appear to be standard wording on the system that is confusing (and I agree losing) a lot of customers.