Clients password has been compromised

Hi James
I just had a message from one of my clients who said she received an email to say her password has been compromised and cannot seem to change it.
Could you give me advice please.
Many Thanks, Michele

Hi @Michele_B,

We have never sent an email to anyone - customer or user - to say that their account or password has been compromised.

Hopefully not but it sounds like this may be an attempt to fraudulently obtain your customer’s password (which they may have re-used on other sites).

Please be very careful of anyone contacting you by phone or email and telling you to update your security details and / or asking questions about your name / address / date of birth / other security questions, etc. If you have any doubts at all tell the person you’ll phone / email them back at whatever organisation they say they’re from.

Your customer can easily change their password by clicking the login link top right and following the instructions where it says ‘forgot password’.

Hope that helps!