Confirmation email not sending?

Hi - anyone else having this issue? I’ve made a cuple of bookings this morning for customers who pay me direct and I noticed that I didn’t receive an email notifying me of the booking. I made another booking using my dummy account and neither that “customer” or I received an email.

Anyone one else??

Yes I’m having this problem- customer nor myself are getting confirmation emails for bookings.

Hi Jane

It was working yesterday mornig at 11am. I have emailed James @james - hopefully it will be sorted soon. It is a critical part of the booking systerm.

Hi again Jane

I’ve heard from James - he is aware of the problem, their email system was attacked and because it resulted in numerous emails being sent out and being identified as spam, the Smoothbook email service was suspended as a result. The spam issue and the attack have been resolved, but they are awaiting the email suspension to be lifted. Hopefully this won’t be too long, we will have to keep an eye on bookings and manually email in the meantime, I guess.

Hi Helen Thanks for that. I’ll keep checking manually. Thanks Jane

Hi Jane

Emails are back! Thank you @james

None of my email reminders are being sent - my students are complaining they are not getting them, nor confirmation when they book