Contact us button on facebook

HI all so i am trying to get the link for my ladies who come to my class to work on the contact us button since facebook has gone and changed and cant let us use the book now button.

So my question is what is the link i would use on the contact us button that would bring my girls to the booking page cause at the moment all the links i have tried are taking them to making their own accounts and for them to then receive bookings not to actually book on my calander if that makes sense.

Please help i am really struggling as not techy at all and my classes will hopefully be starting on the 20th of May


Hi Joyce, you should add the link to your booking calendar (if you click on the top right corner “view my booking calendar” it should take you there). Let me know if this helps

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Hi @Joyce_L, yes as Cristina says if you click the link top right in Smoothbook: ‘view my booking calendar’ this will launch the calendar in a new window and you’ll see the web address / url for your calendar in the address bar of your browser.

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