Created Memberships but single payment stopped working?

I created some membership packages last night (which are not active to clients yet as not announced yet) but that stopped all users from paying for single appointments with a single normal transaction. Any ideas what I may have done wrong?

I deleted the membership packages today and everything started working again…so has to be the membership packages.

Hi @Lee_P,

Ok that’s a strange one: the different payment options should be independent - the visibility of one should not affect the others. Please could you send an email to [email protected] just so I can know which is your account and have a look into this.

Thanks, James

I have since deleted the monthly payment options as nobody could pay for single sessions again. I will be trying it again in the hope it will work in the near future but easiest option was just remove them so business could continue.

Am I right in thinking I setup the monthly payment options and then add all the SERVICES that that monthly ’scheme’ can be used against? That is it isn’t it?

Still got a few issues with some single payments which I will message you about as other clients can still book so may be the phone OS causing it. Will get more details. NOW MEMBERSHIPS. We have families Training with us that use a single login to book them all onto the sessions. How do we set them up for memberships for all? Does each family member need a different login?