Customer booking in but then not showing on reg

Has anyone else had problems with customers saying they booked but then them not showing on the register and no booking showing on their account? I have had this a few times lately and its costing me money.

Hi @Sara_O,

There’s quite a comprehensive audit trail for appointments and payments in the system. Not all of this is available to you but if you could send the customer’s email address to [email protected] and - if possible - the date and time that they wanted to book then I can track down exactly what happened.

Just FYI there’s a process for appointments, starting with tentatively reserving them when the customer first selects the timeslot to confirming the appointment when they finish the booking process. When this happens it’s usually because - through no fault of their own - the customer has not completed the process. As I say I can investigate this further to find out exactly what happened.


I have had customers tell me they booked and they didn’t and it’s usually because they have not completed the whole process - there are quite a number of clicks/ screens that a customer has to go through before they are fully booked - I found educating my students on how to use the system has prevented this from happening- I made a 2min loom video talking them through the booking process to get them up to speed.

Thanks @Kathy_W, user experience is really the most difficult part of the project, there will be improvements on this in the future!