Customer bookings not showing up on registers

One of my customers has booked in to 3 classes, received confirmation emails and paid using package credit but they are not showing up on the class registers. The classes are now full so I cant add her on to the register and I have had to cancel her out of the class.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I am worried more people than I am able to accommodate will turn up to classes resulting in angry customers and a damage of reputation.

Hi @Nicholas_G,

You can check on this by selecting ‘customers’ from the main menu and searching on their name. On the customer page there is a full list of their appointments with payment history, appointment history, packages and package history as well as all their payment transactions.

In particular could you check their packages and package history (it sounds like they only have one)? The package history will give you a detailed rundown of every appointment paid for, if there is a discrepancy here between appointments paid for with package credit and their actual appointments then please let me know at [email protected] asap.


Hi James,

I have emailed you directly on the support email. On the package history it says that the person has paid for classes with credits they have purchased but then doesn’t appear on the register for the class they have paid for.

Hi James,
This issue has happened again with a different customer. I thought it had been resolved but obviously not.

Hi @Nicholas_G,

Ok please could you email me directly: [email protected]

Thanks, James

@james . This happened to me today, someone paid for a single class, email and fee came through fine but when I looked at the register and calendar, she did not appear, although the booking appeared in her customer details. I’ve rebooked the lady into the same class so that she didn’t lose her place for tomorrow.

Hi @Helen_O,

Sorry about that. There is a bug which occurs under what I thought to be very unlikely circumstances but - Murphy’s law - is clearly continuing to show. There is a comprehensive fix for this coming which will be released this weekend.


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