Customers transfering their own class

Hi everyone,

Is there an option for customers to transfer their booking?
I have had a few say they cannot find how to do it and cancelled resulting in a refund. For me, that means i get charged 2 fees by stripe (2 bookings fees) when i could have had just the one.
I am able to transfer them but how can the customer do it?

Hi @Lisa_N,

You can easily do this for your customers via the ‘manage appointments’ page (select ‘appointments’ -> ‘manage appointments’ from the main menu).

Your customers can’t transfer their own appointments but they can delete and re-book. To do this they just need to click ‘welcome [their name]’ top right in the booking calendar and select ‘my appointments’. Whether they can cancel or not depends on your rules for cancelling.

If you refund a customer via Stripe you yourself should be refunded the Stripe fee (i.e. the whole amount is reversed). You should not be charged for refunded transactions.

Hope that helps!

hi @james I recently refunded some stripe payments and the full amount was returned to the customer but I didn’t see any sign of the fee being returned to me, i.e. the full value of the refund was deducted from my Stripe balance. I suppose this is to be expected - Stripe would also have to pay fees to Visa/MC. At least I didn’t pay a second transaction fee for the reversal.

Hi @Graciela_M,

Nice to see you!

I haven’t done a refund through Stripe for some time but usually the full amount (including fees) is refunded: the customer gets their money back and so do you. I could be wrong but it would surprise me if they were charging you for this.

Hi @james
Sorry for taking a while to reply. From what I’ve seen the full price is indeed refunded to the client (so they get all their money back). However, at the time a client originally paid with credit card, the stripe fee was deducted and the remaining balance was paid into the account. When the refund is given, the full value is withdrawn from the account. The fee for the refund is £0.00, so at least I don’t pay a second time, but the fee that they originally charged is not returned.
But it’s just a point of clarification, I can’t imagine Paypal or any other provider doing anything different.

Ok thanks for letting me know. I rarely deal with refunds through Stripe so just have not encountered this but this is good to know.