Customers transfering their own class

Hi everyone,

Is there an option for customers to transfer their booking?
I have had a few say they cannot find how to do it and cancelled resulting in a refund. For me, that means i get charged 2 fees by stripe (2 bookings fees) when i could have had just the one.
I am able to transfer them but how can the customer do it?

Hi @Lisa_N,

You can easily do this for your customers via the ‘manage appointments’ page (select ‘appointments’ -> ‘manage appointments’ from the main menu).

Your customers can’t transfer their own appointments but they can delete and re-book. To do this they just need to click ‘welcome [their name]’ top right in the booking calendar and select ‘my appointments’. Whether they can cancel or not depends on your rules for cancelling.

If you refund a customer via Stripe you yourself should be refunded the Stripe fee (i.e. the whole amount is reversed). You should not be charged for refunded transactions.

Hope that helps!