Database changes?

Hi Has the database setting beed changed? I used to be able to add a existing user to a meeting by adding a user, then typing in the first few letters of their first names into the ttop box and it selected a few options. Now its different and i can do this with some users, others i need to use their family name and others i have to scroll through the list until i find them. Has it be changed or have i altered my settings?
cheers guys

Hi @Stephen_E,

Nothing has changed on this side, you should be able to add customers very easily.

Could you please email [email protected] with your email address and just a quick description of the issue and I’ll look into this asap.

Thanks, James

I’ve experienced this for a long time where it only responds to first or second name but not either. It has got worse recently so that I can’t find people sometimes until I scroll through.