December Weekly classes not showing up

My next two classes on Fri of 10 and 17 Dec are not showing up in my Calendar to the public though I can see it in my system. It is NOT rostered as a day off and I have allow the 90 days of appointment to be seen in one go. I have a one off afternoon session on the 10 Dec which I have setup as a workshop and that is displaying in the Calendar!! Is there a setting I am accidentally changed whiteout knowing? No one has booked into them yet… because there are NOT visible!! Please help!

I’m having the same issue with a workshop scheduled for 30 December. Has this been resolved?

nope… I have a class this Friday and only the workshop is showing…

This is happening to me too, my Wednesday 8th Dec class isn’t showing on the booking system. I’ve gone onto my booking system as a customer and I found it works from a desktop but not my mobile. Seems a common issue at the moment

I gave up. I think there is another thread with similar problem and the developer said it would be resolved if the user reload the page/ clear cache etc I did that and I still can’t see it regardless if it is mobile/ desktop/ safari or chrome / PC or Mac……
I figured out it’s almost holiday season and we will have no classes after 17 Dec so I am just going to go ahead and call my clients up and set the class as a workshop if necessary. I don’t have a large clientele so I think I can cope but it would be nice if the developer can help.

It’s also happening to me on all browsers. Is this being resolved? It’s a pretty serious issue. I have classes on 19 December which aren’t showing on the calendar. This is a ‘get a new booking system’ kind of issue.