Different Time Zones?

Hello! I was wondering if it was possible to display the client’s time zone on the booking page? So for example if I am based in the US and a client goes onto my booking page from the UK, a box will clearly show that the time slots are for the UK time zone, and the available time slots will automatically change to the UK time zone too? The box will be clickable and clicking it will allow the client to adjust their time zone in the event it’s not correct. Please let me know if this is possible… thanks so much for your help!


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Hi Ken,

I was going to say that I did some work on this in the past and the result was not good due to the unreliability of detecting client time zones and the mayhem that results when people get appointment timezones wrong / confused. The policy became that it was best for everyone to be operating in the same timezone: so in your case you’d make it clear in confirmation emails etc. that you were operating on EST for example and everyone’s on the same page.

But, having said that, this issue comes up frequently: it would be possible to show the appointment time according to the client’s detected timezone as well as yours - that might be a way around it.

I’ll look into this, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks James! That sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:

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Hi James,

any joy in finding a solution to the time zone issue? I am having more students join from other time zones. Most calendars (acuity/schedule once / calendly) offer this option… all times shown, bookings and email reminders etc give the clients time zone… thanks Kathy

Hi @Kathy_W,

I really want to do this - and it will be done - but I don’t want to make any false promises given the length of the development list at this time. Development on this would not take too long and is not that complicated but is high risk given the mayhem that will result if people are unsure / make a mistake about what time zone their appointment is in.

It is on the list! I will at least put together a plan on how to implement this.

Thanks, James

Hi James - any joy in the time zone issue? It’s been a while - Most other calendars seem to have this option as a drop- down box the user/customer/ student clicks on their time zone and that will shift all the times to their time zone before booking anything.

If you look at how other calendars do it, it seems to be a pretty standard feature


Hi @Kathy_W,

I am sorry but there’s not currently a plan to change the way that timezones are handled. We just found that there is huge potential for chaos when people are working in different timezones: it was best to work in one timezone and make clear to everyone which timezone that was.

Having said that, I agree that the calendar display, emails, etc. could be updated to include the date / time in the user’s timezone (as well as the original one). I will look into this!