E-mails to owner have orange warning box

Hi James,

When I first started playing around with Smoothbook 2-3 weeks ago (acting as both the customer and the owner with Gmail accounts), the e-mails I was receiving as the customer had big red warning boxes at the top from Google/Gmail that “The message claims to have been sent from your account, but Gmail couldn’t verify the actual source.” This was an issue reported by someone several months ago. In the last week or so, that no longer happens which is great news and a huge relief!

However, now, the e-mails I receive as the owner look like this:

Any idea what is happening and any way to fix?


Hi @Litsu_R,

This is really a strange one. There have been reports of this in the past but it seems to happen rarely and I have been unable to reproduce this issue. I will raise this with our email provider to see if there is a solution.

Thanks, James

I get this orange box as well when the emails are sent to my gmail account. It happens all the time.

This was happening for me but it went away by itself. Looks like not for everyone.
I just keep clicking the “looks safe” button (only if it does!) and I think Google then “learns” after a while

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@Graciela_M I will try that. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long for Google AI to learn.

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I had this issue until two days ago when it finally stopped so perhaps Graciela is right when she says Google has learned it is safe.

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