Embedded Calendar not displaying correctly

Hi James,

My calendar - which has been working fine until now suddenly broke yesterday. It’s embedded on this page www.kathywhiteyoga.com/smoothbook and still looks okay on the website editor -image

but when published shows up as this:

I checked the code and it is:
Kartra Pages needs to be able to tell our code from yours. For that reason, you must wrap any piece of custom code you add with

Existing code on kartra.

However the code smoothbook provides to embed the calendar is this:

![Online appointments by Smoothbook](upload://vPiO3awl9jmvRNEexgSQng1W8A0.png)

Which only gives the blue smoothbook button on my page.

What code should I use to have the embedded calendar show up like it used to? Sorry I have written the code out but the editor immediately reads it and does not display - hope you can figure it out I have this information in a word doc. if you need more.


heres the doc with the codes written on them


I’m pretty sure everything’s ok with your site. I tested your page on multiple devices and browsers - everything is ok. Are you still seeing this issue? Could you try reloading the page?


Could you let me know what browser you’re using?

Hi James,
I’m using chrome. I just cleared my cache and cookies and the window showed up okay (sorry I should have done that before - but good to know).

Very strange I’ve never had that happen before.

thanks for checking - and sorry I didn’t do the cookie clear check

Hi @Kathy_W,

Good to hear that it’s working!

A new version of the calendar was rolled out this morning. The deployment deletes caches at multiple stages but it’s possible there may be something in the deployment for iframe that is not updated - I will look into that.

Please let me know if there’s anything else!