Enabled/Disabled Services

Hi James, I’ve disabled several services but they’re still showing on my live booking calendar - think this might just be a bug! I’m working on a MacBook Pro in Safari.

Hi @Kate_S,

Just to be sure the page where you disable the services is at:

This is all working fine for me. Can you make sure the settings are saved / updated? If you’re still having issues please could you send me an email at [email protected] so I can investigate?

Thanks, James

It’s still not working - I’ll drop you an email with a screenshot!

Super strange - I can’t get this to fail. Thanks @Kate_S, I will investigate further!

not sure if I’m seeing the expected behaviour here, I have a disabled service that I don’t want to delete because I’m afraid of the effect it might have on clarity of accounting records, but the booking calendar is set up as a service calendar, and the disabled service still appears. However, anyone selecting it gets a message that there’s no availability

Hi @Graciela_M,

Sorry about that: this is a known issue with the service calendar that will be fixed very shortly. If you select the service it will show no availability but I agree that if the service is disabled it should not be showing in the first place.


Hi @Kate_S and @Graciela_M,

Just FYI this has now been fixed, please let me know if you have any other issues.



@james - was going to start a new topic but it handily highlighted this thread! I’ve only got 3 of my services enabled at present, but my claendat shows all classes. I’m using the class calendar rather than the service calendar. Screen shots attachedCapture SB2

Hi @Helen_O,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, this will be fixed by next week!


Thanks James - it looks much clearer now!

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Should be fixed now!