Facebook Book Now button - no option for a website, only 'choose a tool'!

I’m trying to add a Book Now button to an as yet unpublished Facebook page, and under Book Now, it’s only giving me the option to link to a tool I already use, not to add a URL :slightly_frowning_face: The list of tools is Acuity, Appointy etc. No Smoothbook!! Help @james!

Hi @Sharon_W1,

I had a look at this and I just couldn’t find a way to apply to be included on the list. This being Facebook there are few to zero ways of actually to talking to someone about this who can help.

I’m not sure about the fairness of this - from either a business or consumer point of view. Let alone Smoothbook, there are basically no systems in the list specifically for classes. Mindbody - by far the biggest class booking system in the world - is not there as well as most of the other companies that I would consider competitors. But, again, this is the internet and Facebook in particular - fairness and choice do not really come into it.

This is an important issue, I will continue to look into this!

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Thanks @james… I can’t believe they’ve done it… It’s such a closed shop thing to do. For now, I think we’ll go with the Learn More or Sign Up. There are definitely more providers this afternoon that when I looked last night… So there’s hope yet!

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