Free workshops? And glitch in calendar?


First the glitchy one: I have a 4 week workshop starting on 7th June. On the calendar, my other workshops only display / highlight the start date (service view). On this one however, the 7th and the 14th are both highlighted. You can’t book from the 14th, it comes up blank, but it looks like you can. I’ve deleted the whole workshop earlier today and started again, but have the same problem.

Also, I am running a few taster sessions for free. I can’t remember why, but I’ve set them up as one day workshops, with no charge. They’re appearing on the calendar, but with no dates available. Is this because they’re free?


Hi @Sharon_W1,

I had a look at your system and the reason the workshop dates are not showing is due to a couple of settings on the calendar page. If you select ‘settings’ -> ‘calendar settings’ from the main menu you’ll see two settings in the top section:

‘the calendar will display the next X days’. This is currently set to 40 so the later dates in the workshop are not showing. If you set this to longer (say 120 or something) then the dates will show correctly.

Another setting: ‘Users cannot book more than X days before the appointment’ has a similar effect and is also set to 40. I’d advise setting this to a larger number and the workshop days will show correctly.

The reason that the workshops with single dates are not showing is that the resource (you - Sharon) has been scheduled off for those dates. You can check / change this by selecting ‘settings’ -> ‘resources and services’ from the main menu and then clicking on the ‘days off’ link next to the resource ‘Sharon’.

Sorry for the confusion! Smoothbook is quite powerful with many options but I appreciate that these can be conflicting / confusing sometimes.

Hope that helps, James

Oh my goodness… I feel a bit of a fool :rofl: I have been through so many different things trying to figure it out, and it’s that obvious!
Thank you @james, I really appreciate your time and patience - yet again!
We’ll be ready to subscribe with the monthly fee in a week or two, does this take long to set up (i.e. removing the Google ads) or is it instantaneous?
Thank you again… I’ll go and have an extra punnet of blueberries for brain power, and blame it on my age!

No worries @Sharon_W1, it’s easy for me because I’ve been doing this for a while but there are quite a lot of settings and it’s not difficult for them to come into conflict with each other.

New subscribers are always welcome! Just click on ‘subscriptions’ on the main menu, the ads will be instantly removed.

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