Gift voucher for xmas

How do I create a gift voucher through the booking system? Christmas is coming and it seems like a good idea.

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Following as I would like to do the same. Thanks Julie

Hey guys,

Gift certificates can be a great way of promoting your business over the Christmas season.


  1. You create a package / class pass that will be given as a gift. If this is a gift then the cost will generally be zero so that the giftee does not have to pay anything when they book.
  2. You create coupon codes for the package. This means that only the people with the correct code are able to ‘buy’ / receive the class pass.
  3. Advertise your promotion!
  4. When people ask to buy a gift certificate, you’re selling them the code which you give to them (which they give to the giftee). A great idea I heard was to get the codes printed on a card - maybe with your branding, etc. You could do this very cheaply with some generic (or not) cards and just neatly write the code onto the card. Then the person buying the gift receives the card which they give to the giftee. Having said that all that, many people just send the code by email!

You can create as many codes as you like for a package and limit the number of times that each code can be used (generally each code can only be used once). You can also set an expiry on them. For more information please see

Hope that helps!

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thanks that is really helpful