Half price package

Hi all, I’m having difficulties to create a coupon for a package. I click on Package - Coupons, I create and save it but, cannot see an option to enter what discount I want to give and want to give 50% and 25% option. I can see “enter coupon code” under pricing but the code I enter doesn’t work. Please help:)

Hi @Malgorzata_B,

Thanks for your message.

Sorry but currently the system does not work in this way. To offer discounted packages you need to create a new package with the discounted rate and then create coupon codes for those packages. So you could have one package at 100% price, the next is at 75% price (or whatever). Create a coupon code for the discounted package and make it available as you like to your students. Your students will only be able to purchase the discounted package if they have the code.

There is some more information on this at: https://help.smoothbook.co/knowledgebase/using-coupon-codes-gift-certificates-promotions-trial-classes-and-restricting-access-to-services/

Hope that helps!