How can I ad my own zoom account into Smoothbook

Hi, I wanted to ad zoom classes into my schedule, problem is i wanted to have 60 min classes and what I can see its a limit on 40 min for the free zoom accounts so I assumed i had to create and pay for a zoom account before connecting Smoothbook to zoom. But when I was connecting Smoothbook with zoom I was never asked for my own account, it seems Smoothbook just set it up for me??? What do I do now? I want to have a 60 min class and I have paid for a Pro annual zoom account.

Hi @Carina_J,

Sorry you’re having this difficulty!

The process of connecting Smoothbook and Zoom will definitely ask you to log into Zoom as a means of authorisation: Smoothbook is not allowed to connect / create meetings for you otherwise. This process has SSO options (i.e. ‘login with Google’, etc.) which can be confusing in my opinion - particularly if you have more than one Zoom account. It’s easy to quickly create and connect a Zoom account when you did not intend, I’m wondering if maybe that caused the problem?

You can disconnect Smoothbook from Zoom and re-connect no problem to make sure you’re connected to the right account. But I’m a little worried that maybe you have more than one Zoom account: if you disconnect your old Zoom account and re-connect with a new one then you will have Zoom meetings in two different accounts which will be confusing for you and your students.

I will email you separately to let you know the account ID and email for the Zoom account that Smoothbook is connected to.

Hope that’s ok!

Thanks @james, I think it works now :slight_smile:

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