How can I give free bookings

Hi, I have several students who are already in credit for my classes because they continued to pay for lessons that were cancelled due to the pandemic. I now owe them a good number of classes and would like to know how they can book on lessons without having to pay? Thanks


Create a package that can be used for that particular/those particular service(s) and then add/manage coupon codes where the coupon code makes the package free. Depending on how many students and how many classes are owed, you could set up different coupon codes for each student or category of student and then provide that coupon code to them to be used when they book.


Hi @Chris_L,

Probably the easiest is as Litsu said: create a package with a given number of appointments. You probably don’t need coupons, you can just give the package to the student. To do that, select ‘customers’ from the main menu and search on the customer. On the customer page scroll down to the ‘packages’ section. It should be easy to award the customer your package and you can easily adjust the package balance using the arrow keys to reflect the number of classes that you owe them.

Hope that makes sense!


How can we set up that package for a specific customer, and no one else can see that package to select it?
It looks like anyone can purchase that free package, which i dont want!

Hi @Lisa_N,

You can do this by assigning coupon codes to the package and only allowing them to be used once. Then you can send the code to your customer and only they can use the code (and only once).

Hope that makes sense!