How does a student cancel their booking?

A student has asked how does she cancel her booking? I have looked for infomation but cannot find the answer.

Hi @Julie_D,

By default your students can cancel their own bookings but not less than 24 hours before the appointment. You can adjust this if you like by selecting ‘settings’ -> ‘calendar settings’ from the main menu.

If they’re allowed to delete their booking under your settings they can do so by clicking on the dropdown top right in the booking calendar where it says ‘welcome [their name]’ and clicking on the menu item ‘my appointments’. There will be a button next to the appointments that they’re allowed to delete labelled ‘delete’.

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Hi James,

Can a student change their booking?
If they cancel a booking is a credit given automatically if more than 24 hours notice?



Hi @Michele_B
if they pay directly for the class then you would have to manage it manually. To avoid this I don’t set a price for the class, instead I sell a package for “single class credit” that gets you one credit (and other packages of multiples) and link the package to the service, Then if they cancel within the time limit the credit goes back to the package it came from.
One thing to be careful about with packages is that if they expire and there’s no remaining charging option, the classes become free. So I leave the single class credit as a perpetual offer.

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Thanks @Graciela_M.

@Michele_B, Students cannot change their appointments - i.e. swap dates and times. But they can cancel an appointment and book another one if the rules allow. Whether they are allowed to do this depends on the calendar rules: you can change these by selecting ‘settings’ from the main menu and clicking on the ‘calendar’ icon. Hope that helps!