How to limit the use of credits past expiry date

Hi James,
I noticed a similar question to mine was asked last October, but I didn’t see an answer. I have packages set up that have an expiration a certain number of days after purchase, but some have the maximum number of credits possible if someone were to register for every class taught over the course that time frame. The issue I’m running into is that clients are able to book beyond the expiration date if they have available credits. Does that make sense?
If a client purchases a monthly unlimited package, I don’t want them to be able to book classes in the month following. That should require the purchase of a new package. At the moment I’m losing income since my clients are able to purchase a package for one month, but book well into the future.
How can I fix this?

Ho riscontrato anche io lo stesso problema, a me si porrà il problema a inizio aprile perchè è la prima scadenza che ho e vorrei trovare un modo per risolverlo se no anche per me sono entrate perse.

I think it could have been my question last October. Unfortunately I do exactly as you and there has been no solutions so far. James is working on it. I ended by trying to resolve it selling memberships but the story is the same they can be used to forward book until they run out. The payments are not entirely connected to the booking I don’t think. Unfortunately you can’t fix it at moment. We used to use Mindbodyonline(several years ago) and you could with them, however the cost doubled within a month and it is now just too much and also really complicated to programme and run. We have been with this ever since and James is developing new initiatives all the time and often when something new comes it seems to send the system awry simetimes. I don’t know how many clients are sneaking into future appointments, for us they are fairly good about it but you have to weigh up if you would be losing more by paying out for an expensive all singing and dancing system (that still goes wrong btw) or letting people book ahead. Hope that is helpful

Thank you for the response. I also used MB for a minute, but as you said, it’s too pricey and way more features than I need in my tiny business. I will probably make a request of my clients to recognize the flaw and use an honor system until I find a resolution.

I would be really interested to hear if you do find a way around it. Good luck

Could you try not letting people book so far in advance. for example we have it set up here so people can only book 7 days in advance ?? would that help either of you out ??

Si avevo pensato di adottare anche io questa soluzione ma ciò significa che ogni settimana devono prenotare e non gli piace, i miei clienti prenotano tutto il trimestre all’inizio e poi danno disdetta quando non sono presenti. L’unica soluzione al momento potrebbe essere creare dei nuovi pacchetti ogni trimestre in modo che se ti rimangono dei crediti tu non abbia possibilità di prenotare lezioni perchè non ce ne sono. Non so se abbia senso. E’ dispendioso a livello di tempo e chi ha un annuale tutte le volte deve sostituire il suo pacchetto.

It’s a thought thanks for the suggestion. However, most of the people just book for the whole month at the beginning of the period. There have been a lot of changes and I don’t like to tell people there’s been another. The way you suggest they could only book for an extra week though which is a little better. I might consider edging that in slowly. :thinking: :pray:

Hi guys,

I am sorry but this is a limitation with the way that things currently work. Your students can book for as long as the package is valid but that does not stop them from booking as far as they like into the future.

There are ways you can somewhat manage this. As @Andrea_L says you can change your calendar settings so that only the next few weeks / month, etc. are shown. There is also a calendar setting: ‘customers cannot book more than X days before the appointment’. So if this was set to one month then classes would only become available to book a month before they start. Unfortunately this would not stop students from booking appointments in the next month on the day that their package expires. You can see the calendar settings by selecting ‘settings’ from the main menu and then clicking on the ‘calendar settings’ icon.

This is one of the main outstanding issues with the system at the moment. Unfortunately it is quite a difficult problem to manage. I’m working on a solution for this but do not have a release date for this as yet.

Many thanks.