How to resend an invitation?


I have had a few occasions where clients claim they have not received the booking confirmation with the zoom link in it. Not ideal just before I am about to start the class of course. It could be they have accidentally deleted it or disappeared in their junk mail. However, how could I resend their personal invitation and booking confirmation? And how do I see what communication had definitely been sent to them?



Hi Marie,

Thanks for your message. The first port of call is to ask people to check their spam folders for the email. If there is still no sign of the email please could you send the person in question’s email address to [email protected] and I can track down what has happened in the logs.

There is not currently the ability to re-send the confirmation email but you can contact the members of your class any time by selecting the class on the dashboard and clicking on the ‘message’ button.

Also: the joining link for the class is available at any time to your students through the booking calendar. If they go to your calendar and select ‘welcome [their name]’ then click on the ‘my appointments’ link, they’ll see a list of appointments which includes the Zoom joining link for that class where applicable.

Hope that helps!