.ics files will now be attached to all confirmation emails

Hi Smoothbook users,

Just FYI, all confirmation emails will now have a .ics (Internet Calendar Scheduling) file attachment by default.

This is for the benefit of your customers: most email clients support this filetype meaning that when a confirmation email is received your customers will be prompted whether they would like to add the events or classes to their calendars. You can read more about ics files here: https://fileinfo.com/extension/ics

Email clients being what they are, this filetype is supported slightly differently depending on the client. For confirmation emails with multiple appointments in particular, Outlook / Hotmail, etc. seem to import all the appointments but gmail will only import the first (weirdly, if you download the ics file and add it manually everything seems to work fine).

This functionality is enabled in Smoothbook by default, you can easily disable this functionality by selecting ‘settings’ -> ‘emails’ from the main menu and unchecking the ‘Append .ics event file to confirmation emails’ checkbox.