Integrating a workshop into webpage

Hi, how can I integrate a workshop into my webpage or share it on fb?

Hi @Carina_J,

If you’d like to link to the workshop directly, you can select the filter option on your booking calendar and select your workshop. So this will show only your workshop. Now the URL / web address in the address bar will be the one to select the workshop so you can copy and paste this to your emails / Facebook groups, etc.

So you can see the ‘serviceid=xxx’ part in the URL is selecting the workshop.

Hope that helps!

Hi @james, sorry can´t work it out… the booking calendar at our website is imbedded… ???

Hi @Carina_J,

Ah sorry! You can do this but you’d need to make a change to the embed code on your website.

So if your embed code is like:
<script src=""></script><a class="sb-calendar" data-embed="true" href=""><img src="" alt="Online appointments by Smoothbook"><a/>

you would need to change the part where it says href=“” to the url above.

I think this is not the best option for you! In this way the first thing that all of your customers would see would be (only) the workshops - it might be confusing for them.

What I will do which I think is better is create an option to filter workshops on the booking calendar, I’ll hope to have that released within the next week or two.


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Hi @james, its great if you can filter workshops, but will that also do so I can share the workshop in social media?

Ah ok. To share the workshop you just need the link, you don’t need the embed code.

So if you create the web address as above then you can just put this link into your emails, social media, etc.

Does that make sense?

Kind of, but I do not understand how to adjust it to my workshop, what I would like to share is the picture i have added, the text describing, price and book now button. Is that possible to fix?

Carina I can give you the code but I’m wary of putting identifiable information about you on this (public) forum unless you’re ok with that.

If you email me I can send you the code!

That’s true, better not, I have to find another solution.