Issues with coupon codes

Hi There

I have recently set up a coupon code for a single pass package as part of an intro offer.

When going through the booking process to book a single class, the coupon is recognised as ‘valid’ at the check out section but then is not processed when clicking add. I’ve tested this out, payment is requested and taken from my card.

I know we can set up separate/new packages but I was wanting to streamline the options for people to simply use a coupon when they book for the first time.

Please can you advise.

Warm wishes

Im having the same issue today when I trial it. Will be interested to hear response.

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Non so se possa esserti d’aiuto. Io ho risolto creando un pacchetto gratuito con la possibilità di prenotare una singola lezione per ogni persona e ho associato quel pacchetto ai corsi nei quali desideravo dare la possibilità di una prima lezione gratuita. Vedo che funziona bene.
Spero di esserti stata di aiuto.

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Thank you for sharing your approach. I’ve done this also but not what I intended to do. It has been more of a fix around not being able to use a voucher code for an existing package.

It feels complicating to explain - my screen shots could do a better job of sharing the issue :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this issue - I was not aware of any problems with coupon codes.

@Cerrie_B, you’re saying that the code is accepted and the payment taken for the package / trial class but the package is not awarded? Or cannot be used to pay for the class? Any more information you have is very welcome!

Thanks, James

Hi James

Great to hear from you!

Apologies for the delay in replying, haven’t been back on to the system.

When opting to book a class and using the voucher code - it says that the code is valid. Then no option appears to ‘buy’. The only way to have booked is by making a payment for a pass.

Hope that makes sense - having to work around and set up an intro pass again without a voucher code. If possible to look in to this that would be great.

For marketing purposes sharing a voucher code would be great.

Warm wishes

Hi @Cerrie_B,

Ok thanks for letting me know, I will look into this and get back to you.

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