Logging No Show

Is there a way of logging no shows ? ie on the class register… maybe there already is an i’ve missed it but and this would be very handy to help monitoring attendance etc.

I think logging attendance was on James to do list! It would be really useful.

Hi guys,

This is definitely on the list. I really hate to say it but development work on new features was set back a little bit by the pandemic. Things are quickly coming back to normal now and I hope to start work soon on new features.

Many thanks.

Thanks James. I knew you were on it!

any progress on this area? login no shows? seems something that is quite important to help retention of clients and monitor attendance. thanks in advance for update

Hi @Sara_O,

I am sorry but it’s just not possible to make any promises where development is concerned. It is on the list as a priority but I’m just not able to say when this will be available. Sorry about that.